Synthetic Ice tiles for hockey training

Now you can bring professional grade synthetic ice engineered for elite athletes into your home or facility.

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Product Introduction

Whether you’re designing a skills development center or looking for the convenience and savings of 24/7, year-round training without having to secure ice-time,SYNTHETIC ICE  provides players of all ages the competitive edge to reach their maximum potential! These double-sided, heavy duty panels are equipped with a state-of-the-art enhanced glide recipe specifically engineered to mimic the responsiveness of natural ice, allowing for a true skating experience with game-like edgework and full tilt stops.

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Product Features

1. Offered in two different size formats and thicknesses - 4'x4' and 4'x8' double-sided panels with 3/8" or 1/2" thicknesses. .

2. Designed for flawless, flat, and precise connections. Stagger assembly possible on 4x8 panels.

3. First Grade HDPE resin and exclusive slip additives embedded throughout the core of the panel which means that glide only improves with use. ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR ADD-ON GLIDE ENHANCERS.

4. Provides dynamic edge feel and top speed skating confidence on the ice.

5. INTENSIVELY ENGINEERED. Built with very high molecular weight Polyethene (VHMW-PE) to deliver the industry's highest quality performance and durability.

6. UV-inhibitor infused to mitigate sun's effects on plastic.

7. Cut panels in half to gain extra length/width on any side/end.

8. Panels sold individually.


Product Advantage


The Most Realistic Skating Experience: Specifically engineered to mimic the responsiveness of ice, Synthetic Ice allows for a true skating experience with game-like edgework and full tilt stops that leaves players forgetting they’re not on real ice.


Performance Improves Over Time: The panels are infused with a self-lubricating agent throughout their core which means that glide only improves with use.The more skating the better the performance.

Synthetic Ice Flooring Benefits

Train like the pros with our synthetic ice.

1. Patented symmetrical tiles.

2. Tiles clip together for easy installation & removal.

3. Slick real-ice feel.

4. Best coefficient levels of friction (10-15% better than real ice).

5. Ideal for resistance training.

6. Can be used with Puck Stopper Edging Containment System or.

7. Smooth Edging for easy puck loading.

8. Customizable for indoor & outdoor spaces.

9. Used by the pros.

10. At-home convenience.

11. Less costly than real ice.

12. Won't damage skates.


Maintenance Details

1. Low maintenance.

2. Does not require wax or cleaning liquids.

From hockey training centers to home setups, Synthetic Ice has become the realistic ice substitute of choice, offering unparalleled performance and affordability to deliver the ultimate skating experience.

Demand the most out of your skating surface & create your own Synthetic Ice rink today!


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