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We manufacture approximately 60% of our products by ourselves with approximately 40% outsourced. This includes manufacturing in all hockey training equipment, some parts of the rackets and some other outdoor sporting products.

In our production base, we have a big warehouse which could be able to storage 50~200-ton plastic materials. Working with customers who are leaders in their respective industries has allowed us to work with a full spectrum of plastic materials, specializing in using PC, Nylon, PMMA, POM, PPO, PBT, PC/ ABS, TPU and other plastic material to achieve the best product performance by adjusting process appropriately.


Let Wantchin bring your project design into reality. If you have good design ideas, just let us know! Both OEM and ODM are ok for us!

Our exceptional team can guide you through the idea-to-production cycle, providing the expertise necessary to successfully launch your program.


Most of the components of plastic products are manufactured by injection molding. The molding cycle of injection molding is short (several seconds to minutes), and the mass of the molded product can range from several grams to tens of kilograms. With 10 years’ experience plastic injection moulding services and mold manufacturing, we are able to offer the methods with strong adaptability and high production efficiency as your customized no matter you have complete 3D drawings or just one idea for the product!