Production & Factory Oversight

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Our factory is a premier plastics injection molder with a number of specialties and capabilities that set us apart from the competition. With press sizes ranging from 80 ton to 1500 ton, we can service a wide range of products. Our large tonnage injection molding experience and overall capacity makes us a leader in this space.

Our engineers work with customers to transform plastic part designs into production realities by reviewing part designs and ensuring moldability. We assist with final part design refinements and help our customers select materials that meet the part requirements. We then manage the careful design of the tooling and tooling build to ensure the highest quality production part is achieved.


Yangzhou is famous as the production base of sports goods like table tennis rackets and badminton rackets in the world. It is our advantage to have access to get various resources quickly and easily at the local!

Our supply chain ensures delivery of the right products, at the right place, at the right time to fulfill each customer order on-time and in-full. From end to end, Wantchin supply chain provides the best service delivery experience to customers. 

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