ICE HOCKEY VS FIELD Hockey: Obvious Difference

Many people can't tell the difference between ice hockey and field hockey, they don't have a very clear concept. Even in their hearts, only hockey exists. In fact, the two sports are still very different, but the manifestations are similar.
Playing Surface. The playing surface is the most noticeable difference between the two sports. One is played on the ice (61 meters (200 ft) × 30.5 meters (100 ft) with a corner radius of approximately 8.5 meters (28 ft)) while the other is on a grass field (91.4 meters (100 yards) × 55 meters (60.1 yards)).

Number Of Players
Field Hockey has 11 players on each team on the field at once while ice hockey only have 6.

Game Structure
Ice hockey matches take 60 minutes divided into 3 periods, 20 minutes each. Because of the ice maintenance, ice hockey matches don’t have halves. Field hockey is around 70 minutes divided into two 35 minutes halves. In some cases, games can last 60 minutes and be divided into four sessions per 15 minutes.

Different Sticks
An ice hockey stick is a kind of equipment for ice hockey. It is mainly made of wood, or lead, plastic and other materials. It is mainly composed of a handle and a blade. For ordinary ice hockey sticks, the length from the root to the end of the shank is actually no more than 147cm, while for the blade, the length from the root to the end is no more than 32cm. The top is 5.0-7.5cm, and all the edges are inclined. We draw a straight line from any point at the root of the blade to the end, and we can find that the vertical distance from the straight line to the maximum arc of the blade is not more than 1.5cm. If it is a goalkeeper's club, then there will be differences. The part of the heel of the blade is not wider than 11.5cm, and for other parts, it cannot be wider than 9cm, so the length from the root to the end of the shank cannot be More than 147cm, and if it is from root to tip, the length cannot exceed 39cm.

If it is a hockey stick, it is mainly a hook-shaped device made of wood or synthetic material. The left side of the hockey stick is flat and can be used to hit the ball.

So while both are similar. They are not the same and they have an entirely different fan bases and types of people who play them.

Post time: Jun-03-2019