Pickleball balls

● Have ideal flight and bounce capabilities.

● Feature reinforced seams to prevent splitting.

● Come in bright colors for easy visibility.

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Product Introduction

Pickleball balls are constructed with hard plastics that have holes drilled in them to help them maneuver in the air better. Indoor pickleball balls are usually made using an injection-molding process that welds the two halves of the ball together. Rotational molding is used in the construction of outdoor pickleball balls which lends them their signature durability and resistance to impact. 


Pickleball Ball Types

Pickleball balls generally come in two types:
● Indoor pickleball balls
● Outdoor pickleball balls

Indoor pickleball
Indoor pickleball balls weigh around 0.8 ounces and are softer and smaller when compared to their outdoor counterparts. They are meant for groups who prefer playing the sport indoors where the environment is more consistent and not prone to the whims of mother nature. Pickleball balls feature holes that help them navigate the winds more consistently. Since indoor pickleball balls don’t need to brave the winds, they feature fewer, albeit bigger, holes, with the standard indoor pickleball balls boasting 26 holes. Fewer holes also enhance the overall airflow, allowing for better control, consistent bounces, and precise trajectories in indoor conditions. Their textured surfaces also make it easier for the player to give the ball more spin, and you can expect longer rallies when playing with one. However, the increased drag these types of pickleball balls boast makes them harder to slam or hit power shots with.

Outdoor pickleball
Irregular wind patterns, changing weather, and uneven playing surfaces shift the dynamics of pickleball. So, outdoor pickleball requires a ball that is specifically designed to adapt to and mitigate these elementary pressures and ensure they do not ruin the playing experience. Firmer than their indoor counterparts, outdoor pickleball balls weigh over 0.9 ounces. The smooth surface and weight make these balls less likely to wear and tear, although we do not recommend using one ball for more than ten outdoor matches since the elements are bound to cause deterioration in its spin and bounce. Talking about bounce, outdoor pickleball balls bounce better and are easier to hit power shots with. However, you may experience shorter rallies, less control, and less spin when playing with one. Outdoor pickleball balls are constructed with the elements and terrain of the outside in mind. So, they feature more, yet small, holes with the standard outdoor pickleball boasting 40 holes drilled into it. The holes lessen the impact of wind and prevent the ball from deflecting due to it.


Specifications Indoor Pickleball Outdoor Pickleball
Weight 0.8 oz 0.9 oz
Number of Holes 26 40
Power Hits Difficult Easier
Rally Length Long Short
Elemental Resistance Low High
Hardness Soft Hard
Noise Quieter Louder
Lifespan Last longer Shorter lifespan

Pickleball Ball Features

Durability and longevity

The lifespan of indoor balls is more, considering the exposure to the elements that never occurs. While they usually do not crack, indoor pickleball balls develop soft spots when played with for extended times.


Everyone knows that pickleball balls are made of plastic. The best pickleball balls are made using only the best thermoset plastics like acrylic, epoxies, and melamine.

These materials are heated and subsequently cooled, and molded into balls. Outdoor pickleball balls sometimes also have virgin plastic in their composition due to the superior quality that the material provides.


Pickleball balls come in a wide array of colors and shades. However, we recommend that you consider ones that boast one solid color, are bright, and easy to spot even in the absence of natural light.


Indoor pickleball balls are meant to be played indoors and are thus lighter, softer, and quieter. They have fewer holes drilled into them and are easier to control. Their outdoor counterparts are generally heavier, durable, and better for power shots.

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