Shooting Targets for hockey training

These hockey targets for shooting are easy to set up and will fit most goals. They’re perfect for self-training at home or as training aids for teams which can help improve your accuracy.

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Shooting targets are a common type of hockey training equipment.

They are made of rubber that can withstand even the toughest and hardest slapshots. The attachments are strong and sturdy and don't come loose easily.

You're going to need to have targets of some sort to work on your shot accuracy, Install the targets onto your goal, choose your desired height firmly hold the hook on one end of the bungee insert the hook on the welded lacing wire on the back of the goal post. The hockey targets can be positioned anywhere along the rubber straps. You can choose to spread out the targets or have them close together for precision training.

When you hit the targets, which can reduce distracting shine and pop better. You'll get audio validation of your sniping prowess and work hard to get it again.

Shooting targets brings convenience and variety to our training, They help us train by fixing in the different positions we want to improve our accuracy. That's the benefit of having them. It's still necessary to have shooting targets in your training kit.

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Product Features

1. 3 targets are included in a set.

2. Targets are easily adjusted along the bungee cord.

3. Improved target design provides superior "pop" sound to validate accuracy.

4. Move targets on the cord to customize your setup.

5. Weather-resistant and waterproof design so they can be used in any temperature.

6. Install multiple sets for more advanced drills.

7. Durable rubber construction with a matte finish eliminates distracting shine.

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Hockey Targets Benefits

Customize your hockey training and set personal goals with our hockey targets in the world.

1. Use indoors & outdoors.

2. Practice shooting & sniping.

3. Easy puck return.

4. Configure based on your personal convenience.

5. Improve accuracy & shot power.

6. Create custom drills & target configurations.

7. Different sizes available.

8. Suited to all experience levels.

9. Easy installation.

10. Sturdy & durable to accommodate powerful shots.

11. Replacement netting available.

Wantchin can provide you with high-quality products and services. If you have better ideas or more needs, we can also provide OEM&ODM▶

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