Stick Weight for hockey training

Better Hockey Stick Weight Helps You get a Harder Hockey Shot and Quicker Hands.

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The fastest way to build up your shooting and stickhandling muscles is by using a heavier stick in practice. Instead of shelling out for new lumber, pick up Stick Weight. It is simple wrap design fits snugly around your stick, and the heavy-duty Velcro ensures that it doesn't move.

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Product Features

1. Achieve results in only minutes of use per day.

2. Use 1 or more depending on your age and goals with the stick weight.

3. Reinforced with heavy duty Velcro for safety.

4. Easily fits onto the end of your hockey stick shaft.

5. Foam padding ensures that no damage is done to your favorite stick.

6. Available in one weight: 6 oz (0.4 lbs.)

Hockey Stick Weight Benefits

1. Suitable for all ages and skill levels.

2. Improve overall stickhandling skills to snipe the competition.

3. Train on and off-ice.

4. Indoor & outdoor use.

5. Durable accessories elevate stickhandling aid experience.

6. Customize your stickhandling training and develop drills based on your unique needs and skill level.

7. Combinable with various Hockey training aids.

When you practice with a weighted hockey stick you will be working all of the muscles involved in stickhandling BEYOND the point they are typically worked when you normally stickhandle. This is great because you will be building sport specific muscles, and training them beyond the level that they would normally develop.

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