Hockey Defender for training

Built to mimic an on-ice defenseman, hockey defender allows you to practice a variety of drills that translate to real game scenarios.

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The Hockey Defender is comprised of heavy-duty plastic and aluminum, the Hockey Defender stands tall after every drill.

Shaped like a pair of skates and the blade of a stick, you can practice getting around (or through) your opponent. You can even lift the stick up to simulate face-offs and takeaways! Everything you loved about the Attack Triangle + many more situational drills.

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Product Features

● NEW & IMPROVED design, for use on and off-ice.

● More situational drills including: stick-lifts and faceoff simulation.

● Better representation of real-life hockey player.

● Helps develop a better understanding of passing lanes.

● The perfect tool to work on dekes and master the toe drag.

● Foldable and retractable stick for easy transport.

● Constructed of durable light weight high impact plastic and aluminum.

● Mooring pins eliminate sliding and anchors to ice or surface.

hockey defender2


1. For best performances, the Hockey Defender should be placed flat on or off the ice.

2. To unfold the Defender, pull the legs out and push down on the hinge to lock the legs in open position.

3. To extend the stick, press the push-buttons at the top of the stick and pull until they re-lock at extended length

4. If desired, the Hockey Defender can be anchored in place when used on ice by extending the spikes located in each skate using a phillips screwdriver.

5. To fold for storage, press the push buttons and push the lower stick section into the upper section. Then, pull up on the hinge to fold the legs.

hockey defender3

Hockey Defenders Benefits

Players of all ages and skill levels can use Hockey Defenders to simulate defenseman and practice stickhandling.

With this tool that simulates the defense, players can learn how to snipe left, right, and center to deke the competition and nail that saucer pass.

1. Multi-purpose.

2. Ideal for all ages and experience levels.

3. Won’t slide; anchored to the ground.

4. Use on or off ice.

5. Durable & sturdy.

6. Made of high impact (but lightweight) plastic and aluminum.

7. Use to develop puck movement skills.

8. Create custom, situational drills.

9. Simulate different defence situations.

10. Practice toe-drags, dangling, and sniping.

11. Compact & portable.

12. UV, waterproof & weather resistant.

13. Customize stickhandling training with multiple defenders to.

14. simulate defensemen.

15. Use any pucks or balls.

16. Ideal coaching tool.

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hockey defender4

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