Rush Defender for hockey training

Durable, Versatile, Challenging.

Take your abilities to new heights.

The Hockey Rush Defender is the perfect training tool to allow you to work on all hockey skill essentials.

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Product Introduction

This extensive trainer was designed with hockey pros in mind and allows you to power-up your agility and hand-eye. The Hockey Rush Defender comes with two stick-blade bases connected with one 2.5m (8') cut-resistant belt. Obstacle courses on or off-ice have never been this much fun; practice your up-tempo skating, sprinting and puck handling all at once! Use more units to create stepovers you can build into your training drills. The multi-purpose capabilities of this product, along with the number of skills you can create, give it great value for coaches, instructors and of course any hockey players looking to improve the game.


Product Features

1. Includes two stick-blade bases and one 8' (2.5m) cut-resistant belt.

2. Crafted with durable, high-impact rubber and steel to withstand abuse.

3. Rubber won't damage skate blades if stepped on.

4. Mooring pins/anchors eliminate sliding on ice, floor or ground.

5. Belt and clamp designed to pop-off rather than break if someone trips.

6. Matching sockets allow connections to the Speed Deke Trainers.

7. 16' (5.0m) cut-resistant belts are also available!


Improve Your Linear Crossovers

Move like the pros do on the ice. The Rush Defender provides the ultimate overspeed experience. Weave in-and-out of traffic on the ice as you improve your linear crossovers with this versatile and challenging training tool.


Increase Your Speed, Skills & Agility

The Rush Defender creates on obstacle on or off the ice to develop your speed and agility. Develop faster turns and control while skating and handling the puck. Adjust the strap to skyrocket your speed and really challenge your skills.

Recreate Game Speed Situations

Designed for modern hockey players. With the Rush Defender you can practice multiple in-game situations. It's the ultimate coaching tool to have players break bad habits and to improve their overall game.

The Rush Defender is the most complete on-ice training tool ever offered. It is ideal for coaches, instructors, and of course hockey players looking to improve their overall game. It has been designed to power-up your agility, develop your hand-eye coordination, practice your up-tempo skating and puck handling all at once.


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